Believing is the Key

I do not recall how it began

However, it happened when my life was going dim

When the darkness took over and swept me away

When I stopped believing in Him

Who was going to help me out of this?

People told me God could

So why were these things happening to me?

Isn’t God supposed to be good?

I felt myself drowning

Falling deeper and further into the dark abyss

The pain started to transform into numbness

Who would have thought that feeling could bring such bliss

Avoiding and hiding my feelings became a struggle

I could no longer disguise myself with a grin

It became too much to handle

I needed something to believe in

I pondered the idea for a while

Would He accept me if I ran back to Him?

I prayed with all my might

Will He forgive me for my sin?

That place was so depressing and dark

How did I get out and survive?

And right then and there it hit me

God is the reason why I am still alive

So why did I feel so alone?

He was always there

I kept my problems a secret

I did not think anyone would care

Nevertheless, things are different now

I am thankful for every breath I take

Now that I have seen Him, I cannot deny Him

I definitely learned from my mistake

My outlook on life is different

I have a new song to sing

I feel His greatness and blessings

I thank Him each day for everything