The Ebola threat continues

The Ebola virus has spread from West Africa to Dallas, TX leaving many citizens in a panic.  This virus is known for the murder of about 3,300 people throughout the area of West Africa.

It was brought to the U.S. by a man named Thomas Eric Duncan, who began to show signs of the virus after the arrival at his sister’s home in Dallas. When boarding a flight to the U.S., every passenger filled out a questionnaire as to whether or not they had been in contact with Ebola.  Travelers were checked for symptoms of Ebola, but no one showed signs of it.

It wasn’t until a few days after his arrival that Duncan began to realize something was wrong; he immediately went to the ER when he began to have sharp abdominal pain as well as excessive vomiting. The ER doctors released him with antibiotics and ruled it out as an intestinal infection. His condition worsened and he once again returned by ambulance. This time the doctors tested him for the Ebola virus after realizing that he had just returned from Africa. He tested positive. The ER doctors immediately quarantined him. Realizing they had made a significant mistake, they notified his family and began to monitor them for signs.

Eric Duncan is showing signs of improvement, and is stable. The doctors believe that up to 100 people could possibly have been exposed to Ebola and are urging anyone with any symptoms to seek immediate medical attention.

The virus is spread through bodily fluids, so in order to be safe drink out of your own drinks and regularly wash your hands. It is unlikely that it will spread, due to the fact that it is well contained and not an airborne virus. As long as you follow this advice it is unlikely that you will contract it.