Get Taco Bell from your Phone

Get ready for the future. Taco Bell released a new app that allows you to order your food on a smartphone, then pick up your food in the drive-thru or by walking in.

Taco Bell released the app on October 28th. Taco Bell’s new ordering method is the first of its kind to offer mobile ordering with more than one pickup options. McDonalds and other fast food chains have been running test betas and I’m sure we’ll more advances in this industry. Taco Bell’s app offers every single ingredient offered in the restaurant and even some exclusive ingredients. Taco Bell will also start offering exclusive in-app offers.The app notifies you when you are within 500 feet of Taco Bell and asks you if you want them to start preparing your food.

Taco Bell resorted to a very strange strategy of marketing its app. Taco Bell blacked out all of it’s social media accounts and websites, which means deleting all previous posts and turning their profile picture black. The purpose of this unorthodox marketing is to help promote the new app by exclusively posting from it.

The new application will also give its users points that can add up for rewards. By using the app, frozen drinks only cost one dollar. You can pay by using a credit card when ordering your food. Apparently there are billions of different combinations with which you can personalize your order.

Hopefully we see more of these apps pop up to create convenience and efficiency in the future. The app will increase the sales of Taco Bell by an estimated 14 billion dollars within the next 8 years.