Howdie Meaghan Veazey!


By Jessica Amores, Staff Writer

Meaghan Veazey is a senior who has always been involved in a variety of extracurricular activities at George Ranch. She has been a leader, an athlete, a choir member, and much more. After high school, she plans to accomplish two of her dreams, serving/helping others and becoming a doctor by attending the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs.

The Wrangler: What are your plans for after high school?

Veazey: I want to go to the Air Force Academy and then become a pediatric surgeon.

The Wrangler: How did your interest in the Air Force Academy start?

Veazey: The naval academy, the air force academy, and the military academy all invited me to apply because of my ACT and SAT scores and other stuff. And after I looked into it, because I was looking into all three of them, Air Force Academy was the best fit for me

The Wrangler: And you even got a letter of recommendation from someone important, right?

Veazey: Yeah, so through the process, I had to get a nomination from a congressional senator because you have to get a nomination to get in. I had to apply to four different nominations and I had to go into interviews from the committee board and I went in for Pete Olson and Ted Cruz and 6 ex-army veterans, and Pete Olson just nominated me last week.

The Wrangler: Do a lot of people know you can do that? Be a doctor and be in the Air Force?

Veazey: Well, I would have to go through the four years of college there because it’s college and Air Force at the same time. So they completely plan out your day, like you wear uniforms, and do all the air force and stuff, but also have school. And their school building is separated by a skywalk, so it’s kind of like a separation of academics and training. And whenever you’re in the school building, they can’t make you do pushups or anything.

The Wrangler: Do you have to do hardcore training for this?

Veazey: Yeah, if I get in, I would have to leave June 20 to go up there and have 8 weeks of basic training.

The Wrangler: And how has high school prepared you for something like this?

Veazey: I’ve done a lot of leadership stuff, and been in 4 officer positions in choir. And I’ve played a lot of different sports.

The Wrangler: So why is this your best option?

Veazey: Because first off, they’re paying for college and that’s really cool. And it’s a really great opportunity to become stronger. And third I always kind of wanted to serve and also wanted to become a doctor, so I thought I couldn’t do both, but with this way, I could.