The One Time…

By Laisha Cruz, Staff Writer

Sometime in March my charger decided to break and then on top of that I lost it. There was no charger that I could possible use because there was none around the house, so I decided to call up my friend and ask for her charger. It was Saturday and  I was already having a horrible start to my morning; I had woken up late, lost my charger, and then I had to call up my friend that I didn’t want bother. I had the brilliant idea to walk to Dollar General and buy myself a charger, but there was a slight problem – I was definitely  broke.  I decided to called my bank just to check to see if I had any money, only to discover that I only had 29 cents in my bank account.  I was freaking out – why me?

There is always loose change around the house so  I started to search and came up with 15 dollars in quarters.  I  put on my shoes and started the walk to the store which wasn’t that far away at all. I walked in and I bought the most gorgeous color they could have, which was purple. I walked up to the cash register and gave them all of my quarters.   I felt slightly embarrassed handing them all these quarters, but it was whatever I had to do. I wanted the charger.

I’ve walked  to the store many times, but walking home this time was different.

When I was walking home I heard someone yelling at me. “HEY HEY HEY!” It was really loud so I got scared. This car pulled up beside me and a really creepy guy rolled down his window and yelled, “Do you need a ride?”  Kindly, I said no, because my mom always told me to say no to strangers. I kept walking  and  didn’t really worry until he said, “Are you sure you don’t need a ride?” He kept asking the question.  It  put me  into such an uncomfortable situation. In my brain I felt like he was going to kidnap me; I really did. I decided to run, which may have seemed a bit much, but that’s what did. I ran. The man was beyond creepy.  I just felt that if I kept walking he would get out of his car and snatch me. The worst of it all,  the man was still following me when I was running into my neighborhood. That day there were a lot of people outside.  He just panicked and didn’t know what to do. Thank God he just turned his car around and left.

I knew that if I would have gotten into that car and left with that man I wouldn’t have come back.  I thank my mother for always telling me not to talk to or go with a stranger. The sad statistic is that every 40 seconds a child is abducted or goes missing. Being careful and safe from people you don’t know is always the best caution, because if you aren’t the next thing you know, you may wake up not knowing where you are, or you may not wake up at all.