JJ Watt re-injures his back

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

JJ Watt is #99 on the Houston Texans NFL football team as the defensive end. This season is his 6th season as a pro football player.

Watt missed the entirety of the preseason after getting surgery done to repair a herniated disk at the end of July.

During the game against the New England Patriots, Watt re-injured his back. Therefore, the Texans made an announcement saying that they re-signed veteran Antonio Smith for depth because of Watt’s injury.

There is a chance that he could missĀ an extended period of time or the whole entire season. Bill O’Brien(Texans headĀ coach) has no idea if Watt will have to undergo surgery or not. On Wednesday, the Texans placed him on injured reserve.

UPDATE: On September 30th, the Texans announced that JJ Watt had back surgery and will be out for the remainder of the season.