AMD Ryzen has made waves in the Tech market


Ryzen’s official logo. credit: AMD

By Kyler Telge, Staff Writer

Advanced Micro Devices, popularly called AMD, has recently released a new line of CPUs by the name of Ryzen. Releasing new hardware isn’t really big news in itself, as AMD has released different lines of processors in the past, such as Athlon, Opteron, Phenom, and FX, but what is big is that their Ryzen 1700, 1700x, and 1800x processors are very competitively priced for the amount of power they have at stock speeds.

Quickly after their release date enthusiasts around the world tested and tweaked to their hearts desire. The lowest stock clock speed in the line was 3 GHz with a max and new world record of 5.2GHz. Although it took an insane voltage of 1.875V to run it at that clock speed eight-core processors have now been topped by a new competitor.

While some are underwhelmed as the numbers aren’t over the top like they dreamed Ryzen would be, I imagine we have a lot to look forward to in the near future as high grade processing is becoming more affordable.