The Spectacular Wednesday Frog

Memes come and go, darting by like leaves in the breeze. Most don’t stay for long, but there is one that is there every time, week after week- and he’s not going anywhere.



It is Wednesday my dudes.

By Clayton Keeling, Copy Editor

Every Tuesday night folks across the world look towards their preferred internet media or forum in hopes of catching a glimpse of their dearest and most reliable friend. Just after midnight, early Wednesday morning, he first makes his appearance. It’s the majestic Wednesday frog, announcing the day and greeting you as a friend.

Memes come from many places on the internet. Their origins are difficult to find amongst the deep roots of the varying internet forums. Many a meme finds its way through 4Chan, the holy birthplace of all that is meme-able. From there the meme makes its way to Reddit and then onwards to the mainstream forums and social media platforms like Tumblr, Twitter, and Instagram.

The true test of a meme’s greatness is not how popular it gets, or how far across the internet it spreads, but rather it’s based on how long it stays around. In today’s age Dat Boi can rise to fame in a few days and completely vanish by the next month, but some memes manage to stick around.

The Wednesday frog began as this simple meme┬ásolely tagged as a “Wednesday meme”. The frog has been around for years now and he’s not going anywhere. If he maintains such popularity for much longer he very well may make the leap to meme royalty, where Pepe and others await.

The Wednesday frog rose to popularity due to a vine created by “Jimmy Here”. Mimicking the cry of the frog in the meme, a young man announced that it was indeed Wednesday. This vine became well known and eventually through some dark meme-magic it became synonymous with “it is Wednesday my dudes.”

Now on Tuesday nights people wait with anticipation for the arrival of the Wednesday frog, and week after week he always makes an appearance.

Every meme has a reason it’s funny or likable. The Wednesday frog isn’t extremely clever or obnoxiously funny. The joy of the Wednesday frog stems from having a reason to celebrate another day. With the large amounts of awful and depressing news stories we hear, it’s a relief to sit down and just laugh at the next day coming, and relish that it’s here. The Wednesday frog is more than just another joke- it’s the coming of a new opportunity for things to get better, and a celebration that we’ve all made it another week in the world we live in.

So next Tuesday night, take a few minutes to sit down and wait for the Wednesday frog to show up, and when he does take a deep breath. There are other times to worry. Right now it’s time to smile at a new day.