Rainbow Six Siege: Review

A creative and strategic game.

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Rainbow Six Siege: Review

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

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Rainbow Six Siege is the next installment of the Rainbow Six series. It is a realistic first-person shooter that has three main game modes and a variety of maps. The games’ creators drew inspiration from various events, like the siege on an Air France international flight. The games developers took real-world events and placed them in a virtual world. The main theme of making the game was to make the most realistic FPS game that was balanced. In some aspects, they succeeded but in others, they failed.

The game has a variety of characters from the simple gadget of an extendable shield to an electronic sensor that can detect footsteps. The game, in some ways, has veered off from its original purpose of being one of the most realistic FPS games. The game offers many roles you can play. You can roam the hallways striking fear into unready opponents or be a slow bullet sponge protecting the objective. Rainbow’s creators have created an intermediary that offers medium protection for protecting the objective and a moderate speed for roaming around the map.

The game has a variety of characters from the simple gadget of an extendable shield to an electronic sensor that can detect footsteps. ”

The various maps in Rainbow Six Siege offer a wide variety of gameplay. They offer flank routes, destroyable windows, doors, and walls. It all depends on the way you, the player, decide to strategize. From the frozen maps of Yacht and Chalet to the warmer maps of Favela and Border, the maps offer many different settings in which you play the game. The maps are very interactive with almost everything being able to be destroyed. As the match progresses night can turn into dawn, the afternoon can turn into dusk, and dawn can become noon.

It’s not all good, the game did have a rough start. The game was plagued with glitches and balancing issues. Typical with many Ubisoft games once they fix one glitch or balancing issue they break another. For example, there is a female operator named Ash, and in a recent update named White Noise where Ubisoft added three new characters, there was a coding error and the head hitbox of ash was shrunk to an unrealistic size. A head hitbox is what registers your bullets, hitting the head of an enemy operator or friendly.

All in all the game has very few negatives and has fixed most of the problems. On a personal note, I would recommend this game to whoever asked me what a good realistic first-person shooter would be. The game offers a wide variety of game styles and a balance of rushing and strategy. This game is one of the best games for the casual player as well as the competitive player.