Florence Batters the Carolinas

Florence has already made enough damage.

By Walid Rashid, Staff Writer

North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia faced a devastating hurricane this week by the name of Florence.

37 deaths occurred in the span of the three days.

September thirteenth to the seventeenth of 2018 was one of the worst storms the Carolina’s has seen since 2003.

37 deaths occurred in the span of the three days: 27 in North Carolina, 6 in South Carolina and 2 in Virginia. Out of the 37 deaths, 4 were children.

The hurricane has placed over 1 million people under mandatory evacuation. Schools, work places, and homes were all left behind to flee this deadly hurricane. There are over 343,000 power outages in just North Carolina alone. Towns are submerged in flood water, homes are destroyed, and resources are running low.

Hurricane Florence has claimed properties, lives and has drastically effect the farming community  to the point of where 2 million chickens have been killed.

According to CBS news, “North Carolina environmental regulators say several open-air manure pits at hog farms have failed and are spilling pollution,” which has resulted in dirty flood water that could possibly contain diseases.

The Carolina’s are now facing billions of dollars in damage, and the worst of the flooding has yet to arrive. Evacuees are patiently waiting to see what’s left of their beloved towns, yet afraid of the devastation they will see.