The Growing Trend of Smartwatches

Why are smart watches so popular?

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

What is the reason why people would rather have a smartwatch than a regular watch? Obviously, the main reason is more information can be given to a person in a smaller package with a smartwatch. People don’t have to pull out their phone and search something up, which takes more time and effort.

With the growing appeal of the smartwatch, notable watch companies have begun to update their pre-existing line of watches. Nixon, for example, has released its first smartwatch in a line that many people hope will be elaborated on. Most Smartwatches and Fitbits come standard with the weather app and the clock. However, they can also be upgraded to have games and track your steps in a day, which is the main appeal of the Fitbit.

They are a great gift for a child and an adult alike. ”

The main reason the Smartwatch has not made an appearance in earlier news is that it is a relatively new design. Technology is advancing at record pace, allowing for more computing power in a smaller container. From the giant room-sized computers in the ’60s to the tiny Smartwatch now, in just 60 years the size of a computer has gone down very rapidly and will continue to shrink.

Another mainstream appeal is that it can be used as a starter item for a young child just introduced to smart technology instead of buying them a smartphone. Because they are wearable, they are much harder to misplace and get stolen less frequently than smartphones. This actually can come as a disadvantage in some cases, because they are smaller and can be easier to conceal, making it easier for thieves to hide.

On the other hand, the Fitbit is an example of a device you barely know is there until you need it. It is so slim and small that it is barely noticeable. All that size and it can fit a step counter, a clock, and in some models, you are able to browse the web. This truly shows how far technology has come in the last ten years.

The smartwatch is one of the most important and useful gadgets in a modern person’s life, with their many apps and features. This makes them versatile and leaves us to wonder, “What’s next?”