Watch the Skies

World of Warplanes

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Like its sister games, World of Warplanes is a simulator game where players fight in real aircraft like the infamous Mustang or the terrifying Japanese Zero. The game is set from the early days of WWII to decades later in the Cold War.

World of Warplanes is a realistic role-playing game that includes six factions; The USSR, Japan, Germany, The United States, Great  Britain, and China. The game focuses on duel dogfighting with some ground targets mixed in just to give the game a little more diversity. Each faction has its own design philosophy with the American planes being more all-round good, with average speed, decent firepower, and survivability (the ability to stay alive). On the other hand, Japanese planes are famed for their speed but not for their armor. In studies the Mitsubishi A6M Zero tops out at 351 mph; however, during the war Allied nations were pooling resources and making newer and faster planes that could outperform the Zero.

Players can fight across a wide horizon, with maps like El Halluf or they can fight over a harbor in the Pacific ocean. Wargaming has diversified into other areas with the maps, Lighthouse, National Park, and Bay. Each map brings a new and enthusiastic set of rules and different weather. From the frostbitten northern oceans to the tropical map Asian Border World of Warplanes offers many theaters of combat.

an immersive experience

I personally love all of the Wargaming games, but if Wargaming would take the path that Warthunder took then I feel that they would have a huge increase in players.  Most of the features in this game are realistic with their real-life counterparts which make for an immersive experience. Wargaming has huge maps that require skill and knowledge to navigate safely. Warthunder has flipped that on its head and added in multiple maps that incorporate both the ability to play as a tanker and an airman. These conjoined battles rage in the air and on the ground and it adds a sort of intensity and chaotic atmosphere. With bombers and fighters fighting for the sky and heavy tanks slowly shoving their way through the enemy, it’s a shame that Wargaming has not made any announcements to incorporate this feature.