Operation Wind Bastion

New operators with amazing new gadgets

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Operation Wind Bastion came out on December 4th with much excitement from fans. Not only did the update to Rainbow Six come out with a multitude of bug fixes, but it also includes two new operators and a new map.

This season, the stage is set in the Moroccan desert. Overlooking the great sand dunes is a Casbah, the newest map, and one of the new operators home. The Casbah features long, winding hallways with never before seen mobility for both the attacking team and the defenders. One of the most visually stunning maps, Fortress features the unreal destructibility that is now commonplace in Rainbow Six Siege and other games. Almost every wall and floorboard can be destroyed to reveal potential enemies lurking in the dark. With the number of hallways and doors, each objective is a challenge to secure. Attackers are not limited to one doorway like on Hereford Base, Barrel storage. There might be more doorways, but in every objective point, there is a ridiculous amount of cover to hide behind. 

The next step for getting in the objective is blowing open reinforced walls. This will definitely be an issue since one of the new defenders named “Kaid” specializes in stopping the enemy from breaching the room. Kaid comes equipped with the first shotgun with slugs and an acog sight. He also comes equipped with the AUG A3 re-chambered to 9 mm. His special gadget, the Electroclaw, is a throw-able electrified device that destroys enemy gadgets if they tough a reinforcement of barbed wire that is electrified. Kaid is also armed with barbed wire to compliment his gadget and impact grenades.

One of the most interesting add-ins to this update is the secondary pistol that Kaid and Nomad use. Many know the deadliness of the .357 Magnum used by the GIGN, however, imagine that pistol but chambered in .44 Magnum and has a x4 scope on it.

Many know the deadliness of the .357 Magnum used by the GIGN, however, imagine that pistol but chambered in .44 Magnum and has a x4 scope on it.

Nomad is one of the newest member to team Rainbow, and she brings a host of new changes to game-play. She comes with two primary weapons, both assault rifles, and she also comes equip with the newest sidearm. Although she has the same sidearm as Kaid, she uses it better than him. Nomad is a rusher (she is built for rushing the enemy) yet in most situations, she gets held back by her gadget. Her gadget is the Airjab, a rifle mounted knock-back device that can be shot out of a rifle at walls and various places. The Airjab is a hard counter to the overpowered Clash currently in the game.

The introduction of these two operators and the introduction of a new map means that Rainbows returning fame will only continue to rise and so will the player count. Hopefully, Ubisoft doesn’t mess up their great creation by breaking any other features.