The evolution of techology

Technology is a personal outlet for some, and a way to stay connected with the world.

Most of millennials spend the majority of their day on their computer

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Most of millennials spend the majority of their day on their computer

By Kylie Walters, Staff Writer

The evolution of technology has changed the lives of many throughout recent decades. Do you remember writing a letter to your friend telling them how your day went? Or telling your significant other you will pick them up at seven with no warning you are on the way?

The millennial century has the convenience of instant gratification right at their fingertips”


The new apps and web pages make it easy for anyone to find what they are looking for in a matter of seconds. The impact of modern technology has affected the world to be connected on a different level. Cellular devices have evolved tremendously through the years bringing new surprises every year with the latest and greatest updates on the software data and designs. Phones include a wide variety of sources on such a small tangible item, things such as social media and communication access have played a huge role in the increasing publicity on modern technology

There are many social media outlets in the app store whose main purpose serves keeping people up to date on others’ lives. The posting of pictures and videos is all for entertainment, but it is also used as a quick and efficient way to distribute news. When people see an eye-catching story on their feed it draws their attention and they are informed on the current events that are occurring around the world. New technology is safer and efficient as it sends widespread news with the click of one button.