College Admission Scandal Update

What’s new with the nation’s worst academic scandal of the decade?

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Regarding the college admission scandal, there have been many updates pertaining to the case of the parents of the kids that were admitted under false pretenses. Early March, 2019, federal prosecutors made it public that they were investigating a scandal nicknamed “Varsity Blues.” As of now, 51 people have been accused of this crime, with many of them pleading guilty or agreeing to do so for a lenient deal.

The accused are some of the richest and most powerful people in the world, including lawyers and actors of the big screen (the most famous of whom being iconic actress, Felicity Huffman). These high ranking individuals are accused of falsifying reports that their children are star athletes and bribing coaches to recruit the children.

So far, 50 people have been accused in this scandal, including 33 parents and 11 coaches or athletic administrators. The backlash from the national community has been immense, as many students have missed opportunities due to these students cheating their way into these colleges. All of the colleges in the scandal are very prestigious schools, with heavy competition and high fees. Even though these schools are very expensive, the parents of the children involved have been reportedly paying up to $500,000 for their children to get into the school.

This hits the heart of the education system, and there have been subsequent investigations into other schools and universities to determine whether or not they have been affected by the same corruption as the schools involved.