Mike Bloomberg’s Campaign

Mike Bloomberg suddenly joins the 2020 election and rapidly starts up his campaign.


Scott Eisen, Flickr

Mike Bloomberg is financing his owm campaign and ads for the election.

By Emily Mireles, Staff Writer

Elections for president are coming closer, which means many candidates are stepping up and stating their views on how they can make America a better place. Depending on if they are running for the Democratic or the Republican party, their views differ. The candidates this year are mostly politicians who have consistently been trying to further develop their campaign for a while.

While there are many people currently competing for the spot of being president, some stand out more than others.

Mike Bloomberg, former mayor of New York, is running for President representing the Democratic party. Surprisingly, Bloomberg was in the past a Republican himself; as time progressed, he changed his perspective to the Democratic party. Bloomberg has been in the political field for his whole life, so he isn’t too new to such high pressure and responsibilities.

Bloomberg has not only been a mayor, but he also is the CEO of Bloomberg L.P. He also considers himself a huge environmentalist and is a major fighter for climate change. When he was the mayor of New York, he consistently advocated for clean energy instead of using fossil fuels.

In the past up to now, Bloomberg has been slowly coming into the eyes of the American people and trying to gain their trust. On November 24, 2019, Bloomberg announced his official campaign to run for president. He came into the public stating that the democratic party did not have a runner up against Trump and it had to change.

As his announcement on running for president was late and unexcepted, it’s not stopping him from putting his campaign all over the media and making it known to the people. ”

It has been reported that Bloomberg as of now has spent around 30 million dollars on just ads alone. Bloomberg is a billionaire and is taking it to his advantage. The ads have mostly been focused on bigger states like Texas, Florida, and California. His ad revenue has not even been fully registered yet for a final cost but has already surpassed former president, Barak Obama.

Bloomberg has been gaining criticism for the public on multiple occasions. Since the ad purchases by Bloomberg was highly recognized by the media, there were many opinions on how he is handling his campaign. The fact that he is financing his own campaign, many people don’t think its right to suddenly come into the election and rapidly start using money to make himself known. Bernie Sanders, a candidate of the 2020 elections, also stated that billionaires shouldn’t have the right to run for president considering Bloomberg’s situation.

Even though he is spending millions on ads and trying to get himself known, still many people are not aware of his coming into the election. Recently, Bloomberg went to his very first campaign in California. Coming to this event he knew people wouldn’t know too much about him or not even at all and he wanted to change those impressions of him.
The campaign that Bloomberg has developed is starting to show in polls around the U.S but barely.

Bloomberg wants to work towards gun laws, creating more jobs for the people, climate change, and LGBTQ issues. With all the things he wants to work on or fix for the better of America, it’s not changing the view of the people.

According to Scott Clement and Emily Guskin from the Washington Post, polls from Quinnipiac and Monmouth only got 5% of votes for Bloomberg. Bloomberg isn’t doing too well considering the polls and media even though his effort is noticeable.