Biden/Harris Projected Winners of the Presidential Election

Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris have been projected to be the elects moving into the office.

By Ethan McGinty, Staff Writer

Update: 11/11/2020 as of 9:40 AM CST

Eight days after the election, the confirmation of who won has still not been determined. Trump continues to make accusations of fraudulent voting, yet state officials and election experts state that there is no basis or evidence for the claims of mishandling of the votes.


Joseph R. Biden and Kamala D. Harris are the projected winners of the 2020 presidential election as called by The Associated Press, which has been the fact-checking news agency to accurately report and call the election for over the past 170 years.

At this time, several states are up for recount due to the election results being so close in votes.

Kamala D. Harris will become the first woman, Black-American, and Indian-American to become the Vice President-elect, as well as holding that high of a political position.