The Sip on Gabbie Hanna

Gabbie Hanna faking her mental breakdown? Sip on THIS!


By Go sip, girl, Tea spiller in chief

Hey Longhorns, Go sip girl here. I hope you’re well. You know who isn’t…? Gabbie Hanna!!

Where do we start Girlies? Gabbie Hanna is an infamous Ex-viner/ Youtuber/Tiktoker/, or whatever she’s trying to do to be relevant!

On August 24th, Hanna was detained by the police during a wellness check. The concern arouse when Hanna’s fans spammed the department after she posted over 100 videos within 24 hours (like girly, go touch the grass). Hanna Says she was “forced” to drink water while being cuffed, and she told the officers she “didn’t want any,” yet they made her anyways. She then claimed that she spilled some, and the police “got ready to shoot.” Hanna told the police “Do you believe you’ve met your civic duty when you broke in, did an illegal search and cuffed me?”

Do we think she deserved this? Does Gabbie need the help or is this just a show for views? Gabbie has been making videos since 2013. Since then she has been claimed to be Bipolar’ and has blamed a lot of her controversial actions on her mental illness. Many people say she has been faking her Bipolar Disorder and her ADHD.

Lets talk about that. Faking real illnesses is dangerous, especially considering her fanbase is mostly young girls. This puts a performative mentality into their minds. We cannot let her actions make a negative impact on our youth! 

We will never forget Gabbie Hanna… but were definitely going to keep trying.

What do you think Girlies, Fact or fake? Gabbie Hanna: Is it for show, or FOSHO? 

We know you love us, 

TTYL! Go Sip, Girl! 

 P.S. all information came straight from Gabbie’s tiktok.