Long Live the Single Life


Single Awareness Day is coming up. Get ready for hearts, candy, doe eyes and all that ooey-gooey, lovey-dovey stuff.

I love it. I absolutely love the holiday.

Never having been in a relationship on Valentine’s Day, I have tried to be a basic girl and hate the holiday because of my lack of romantic love, but I can’t bring myself to do it. Everyone is happy, carefree; love is in the air. What is not to love about the most commercially love-filled day of the year?

Of course, there is a pang of jealousy in my heart whenever I see the love-sick couples holding hands and longingly looking into each other’s eyes, but I also feel elated. I may not have a boyfriend to shower me with gifts, but I do treat myself to a little guilty pleasure. After school, if the holiday happens to fall on a school day, I grab a box of tissues, some chocolates, and curl up on the couch and watch “The Notebook”. No need for boyfriends, I have Ryan Gosling sitting right there on my flat screen. Sounds good enough to me.

Some may wear black or spout hateful words to the happy couples walking down the hallway, but I just sweetly smile and remind myself that Mr. Gosling is waiting for me at home.

Be proud of your single life! Yell it from the rooftops. Why not? Valentine’s Day is just one day; one day when girls actually have an excuse to binge-watch romantic chick-flicks and stuff their faces with delicious chocolates. Embrace your loneliness for all its worth, don’t feel sorry for yourself. You may not have a boyfriend, but who cares? The single life should be something you are proud of. Best of all, there are no expectations for the perfect gift, because hey, you got it for youself!

So be happy and love the Holiday of Love!

I know I will be enjoying it.

Ryan Gosling, here I come.