Late Nights and Early Mornings


As high school students, a good half of us able to drive, we are faced with many tough decisions in life, from which classes to take to how to spend our money. To highlight a single decision being made is tough, but going out on the town on a school night may be the most controversial within the high school setting.

Some will say that going out late on a school night is unproductive and irresponsible; the ‘you have homework to do and have to wake up early tomorrow’ phrase being heard constantly. And yes, in that case, it’s true. Most, if not all, high school students will be assigned homework each day and the work load can be quite heavy.

Not to mention the meager amounts of sleep teenagers get due to said homework and outside activities. So it’s reasonable to assume that students’ parents won’t allow them to go out late on a school night.

But, most parents don’t take into account what the perks of going out late will be. Whatever activity they may be going to- a concert or movie premiere, teenagers want to go, therefore they will do whatever they can to make going to that activity a guaranteed thing.

From a concert to a movie premier to a sporting event, the activity will motivate the teenager to finish their homework ahead of time, maybe even working ahead and not having to worry about getting it done when they get home later on that night.

Speaking of late nights; yes, going out at night will cause the teenager to be home at a later time than they usually would be, therefore moving their bed time to a later time. Let’s be honest, even if a teenager didn’t go out late that night, they would still fall asleep at the same time they would if they had gone out.

So it’s basically a circle. Depending upon the person, a late night may or may not be a good idea. When it comes down to it, as long as the teenager knows the limitations and repercussions of going out on a school night, it can be a sound choice.