My First Article

This is my first article. And I don’t know what to write about. And strangely I’m okay with that. I turned to my music, hoping it would inspire me to write something remotely worth reading. And while it did do that, it inspired me a little too much. And now ideas and theories and memories are overwhelming me. I’m lost in my own head. But that’s okay, because sometimes I get so busy that I forget to think.

We do that a lot. We consume ourselves in activities and sports and jobs and we lose track of ourselves; who we are. We forget that we have our own mind and that we’re able to choose for ourselves. We forget that we have a voice. We forget that we are young and we can go out and travel and explore.

Don’t do that. Don’t forget who you are. Even in the midst of trying to maintain the responsibilities you give yourself, stay true to you.