Top 10 Valentines Day gifts for her.


Katlynn Mckenzie

A fluffy puppy for Valentines day

By Katlynn Mckenzie, Staff Writer

With Valentine’s day fast approaching here is the top 10 gifts for that special girl.

  1. A homemade dinner. Nothing better than a hand made meal alone with your sweetheart to make them love you.
  2. A teddy bear with a little message. Most girls love stuffed animals and the sweeter the message, the better.
  3. Perfume. She is always wanting to smell good. At all times.
  4. Picture frame. To hold her favorite memories in.
  5. Chocolate. This is always a must and bound to make the girl happy.
  6. Flowers. A classic and always romantic.
  7. A purse. Girls gotta have something to carry her things in.
  8. Makeup. Most girls wear makeup so they are always in need of more.
  9. A weekend away from the city. Girls love to be alone with their significant other.
  10.  Jewelry. Girls just love to wear the jewelry that their significant other gave to them.