Hurricane Florence: A Deadly Storm

The category 4 hurricane has been wrecking havoc in North and South Carolina

By Kensly Landry, Online Editor

Following the grizzly Hurricane Florence, North and South Carolina have been left with a death toll of at least 32, including a few children. There’s said to be many dangers involving the rapidly rushing flood water. Some of the causes of death range from drowning, electrocution, being crushed by trees, thrown by the strong winds, and carbon monoxide.

The estimated property damages come to around 20 billion, maybe even more. Hundreds of thousands of businesses and homes have been left without power. While the hurricane has caused severe damage, economists predict that the damage costs will only have a slight impact on the economy.

The category 4 storm has caused severe flooding, leaving tons of issues for citizens in the days to come as the water lets up. The hurricane gathered up to 34 inches of rain in some areas, setting a record high for a hurricane rainfall.

What now for those left to clean up the wreckage that completely destroyed lives, homes, and businesses? Many towns are still left isolated, being completely surrounded by flood water. Supplies have been delivered to these cities. Many have been helping to volunteer, including the “Cajun Navy“, who have rescued hundreds in the Carolinas.

Yeah, we are risking our lives, but this is worth it,”

— said Chris Russell, one of the volunteers from the Cajun Navy

To help with relief efforts, you can check out this page about disaster assistance, as well as sign up to donate and register to volunteer to help with disaster relief. Here’s a full page with ways to help those in need after the devastating hurricane.