Transitioning from Air Force to Teaching

Struggles a teacher overcomes


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By Kayle Trombley, Staff Writer

Everyone has struggles that they have to overcome to achieve their goals, but for some people, it’s more challenging than for others. No one ever knows how much a person overcomes or is going through unless they ask for themselves.

Cheryl Stiles retired from the air force and became a teacher, but it wasn’t easy for her. Her dad was battling cancer, and she had a baby to take care of. Against all odds, she made it through.

I was in the air force for 20 years then I retired

— Cheryl Stiles

Many people don’t think of being a teacher after 20 years in the Air Force. The Air Force is really tough, especially after such a long time, but she never gave up and found her passion while she was there. She had followed her choice to be a teacher when she first decided she wanted to accomplish this goal.

“I was a technician instructor for the Air Force,” Stiles said. ” I love teaching.”

Stiles always had a strong connection to teaching. She was inspired by her high school math teacher, who always encouraged her to be a teacher. She had always wanted to be a teacher. She loved math when she was growing up. She decided that she wanted it now to be her career.

“I happened to find Troup to Teachers while looking for something else, it gives veterans benefits,” Stiles said.

She was really lucky that she found it because it helped her while she was struggling with things at home. Troup to Teachers is a program that helps veterans go to school to get certified. It helps them by giving them money to get them started. She went to school for free because of this. She recommends it for people retiring from the military and wanting to become a teacher.

After almost 15 years of teaching, Cheryl is ready to retire. She had never got tired of teaching until now. She has taught at George Ranch for four years. When people describe her they say “sweet” or “nice.” When she decides it’s time to leave, people will miss her because she has impacted so many of her students. She is ready to go, and we support her choice, even though we don’t like it.

We have appreciated all the hard work she has put into these four years that she has worked here. When people complain about all the stuff they go through, they need to realize that they aren’t the only ones. Ms. Stiles had a lot on her plate but still managed to accomplish her goal.