Colorful Minds

Surround yourself with colors that make you feel good.

Colorful Minds

By Minou De Los Santos, Staff Writer

Imagine if colors could speak to you. As a matter of fact, colors can speak to you but not with a voice, they speak to you emotionally.

The color of your room or any other area of your house can affect how you feel, think, and act. It’s weird how when it comes to choosing paint colors for a room we don’t take into consideration how the color might affect us. When asked about his room colors Omar Jackson said, “… my room color is black and white, I never really thought about the colors affecting my mood I just liked the colors and simplicity” just like Jackson there is many other people that don’t take into consideration about how the color they pick will affect their mood.

However, many people also think about their mood when picking colors and they notice how it affects them. Darren Branby said, “… for my room I picked blue because it’s my favorite color. I also picked tan because lighter colors are supposed to make you happy and when I picked my colors I was going through I rough time, so tan made me feel happy”.

“ I recently changed my room color from patchy blue to an olive green. I feel like ever since I changed my room, I wake up happier because usually I would viciously look at people who crossed me in the mornings.

— Daniela Hernandez

It also has to do with how happy your new room makes you. For example, I changed my whole room up. I got a new bed, took everything off my walls, added a bean bag. Now everything has a cleaner look to it, so it makes me want to clean my room…”
When it comes to picking colors for your house its best to go with light colors like yellows, greens, pink, light blues so on and so forth because they are calming and peaceful but yellow has one problem which is that it tends to make babies cry so, if that’s a choice for a nursery it probably best to pick a different color if you don’t want your baby to be constantly crying. Now if you want something energetic orange is a great choice because it makes you feel excited. As I mentioned before blue hues are one of the most picked colors because blue increases productivity and help you concentrate so it would be a great color for an office.

However, if you want darker colors they are not the best choice because they tend to make you mad, stressed, depressed or even hungry. Reds and black are some of the colors that have that affects in your mood. Now if you want dark colors its best to lean more towards purples and browns. Purple relaxes you and helps to be creative while brown makes you feel secure and strong, but it also has its downfalls brown can also make you feel isolated, sad and lonely.

After all colors have a great impact in your daily life and its best to take them into consideration.
Kyanna Gomez said, “ Well my room is yellow and its pretty bright, so I guess it brightens my mood, so I never really feel down when I’m in my room”.