Celebrating Graduation in Style

Graduation is coming up, which means grad parties are creeping around the corner. Here is how to make the perfect grad party this 2019 graduation.



Seniors are celebrating the fact that they just graduated by throwing their caps in the air.

By Ashley Wandling, Staff Writer

Graduation, decorations, food, and all the things needed help to make senior year graduation the best party yet. The pressure is on to make everything seems perfect, but how? Senior year can already be stressful as is, so here’s how to make the graduation party as fun as can be without the added stress of making it perfect.

There’s 2 different types of grad parties, the creative and complicated ones and the simple and cute ones. Here’s how to create the perfect party combining both creativity and simplicity.

Creating the perfect grad party:

Food, desserts, and a theme are the most important parts of a grad party. Teenagers love to eat a variety of food that will keep them coming back for more, and a theme is perfect for their senior year Instagram posts.

Have food that everybody will enjoy. You can never go wrong with veggie and fruit trays. What person doesn’t like fruits and veggies? Create sandwiches and not just the classic turkey and cheese sandwiches you eat for lunch in elementary. Be creative with the sandwiches! Make them with tuna or cheese or maybe a mix of both. Include variety such as ham, turkey, chicken, tuna, cheese, or even vegetarian. Variety is the safest and best way to appeal to every guest attending the grad party. Choosing the sandwiches doesn’t have to be stressful, make it fun making them into fun shapes if you want! A grad party should be a fun way to celebrate the fact that four years of high school are over, so why not relive being a kid for one night?

Although sandwiches are a common food, the main meal doesn’t have to be sandwiches. You can also make hot dogs, hamburgers, sliders, pizza, or salads for food to eat. Click here for more in-depth food ideas that are sure to appease any guest.

The main meal is important, but sides of crackers, cheese, and a variety of dips are perfect for a snack throughout the party if the main meal is American-style. Crackers can be Ritz, Saltines, Club, or any type that are small and perfect for snacks. Cheese cubes and cheese slices are perfect to place on top of the crackers. Sliced sausage is also perfect for the cracker and cheese combination. For a Mexican-type meal, tortilla chips, queso, and picante sauce are the best combination for on the side.

Next step is choosing a dessert, or many desserts. Having an arrangement of cookies is perfect for everybody because it makes sure there’s a flavor for every taste bud. Going all out and appealing to the theme is important for the aesthetic of the party. It’s a grad party, so having graduation themed cookies are perfect for the occasion! Just pick up a batch of Pillsbury cookie dough and icing, or whatever is preferred, and begin creating the cutest cookies ever. People love when food is decorated and personalized.

Every great grad party deserves a great theme. Obviously, it’s about graduating from high school, but a theme adds to the aesthetic and gives the party some creativity and uniqueness compared to every other grad party. A few theme ideas are throwbacks to the past, Dr. Seuss, summer, school colors, or fairy tale themed. More in depth of how to create these themes here.

Lastly, every party needs a photo booth to take those final photos with the people you grew up and graduated next to. To create the perfect photo booth, you can use 2019 balloons, ribbons that match the party theme, a backdrop, and the cutest props. 2019 balloons can be found any party store, like Dollar Tree or Party City, along with ribbons. Backdrops can be as simple as a piece of fabric from Joann’s Fabric and Craft store, or a collection of streamers. Props can be found at Dollar Tree or Amazon and can add that extra fun to the party for every person invited.