Mail-In Voting: The Most Important Trend of 2020

With so many things changing in 2020, voters may be able to vote for candidates from the safety of their homes.



Registered voters will have the option to vote in the presidential election in person or by mail-in ballots.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

With Election day closing in on November 3, 2020, many are wondering how things will be different.

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, many people remain apprehensive about venturing out into public spaces. Although residents in the state of Texas are required to wear a mask in public, going out to vote can still pose a great threat for many.

To qualify for mail-in voting you must be: 65 or older, disabled, out of the country or state…

To try and help resolve this issue, states will be allowing for mail-in ballots.

What many don’t know is that absentee voting was first utilized during the American Revolution for soldiers, and again during the Civil War (Constitutional Accountability Center). Absentee voting has been used ever since, though this national need is unprecedented. All 50 states allow for mail-ins, however quite a few still require an excuse to do so.

In Texas, voters who request a mail-in ballot must first be approved; otherwise, they will have to vote in person at the local election office.

According to How To Vote, eligible voters must first fill out an absentee ballot application and submit a request to the local election office. If approved by the office, a ballot will be mailed to the voters’ provided address for them to fill out.
For the request ballot, the deadline is October 23, 2020. For all voters, the deadline to register is October 5, 2020.

To qualify for mail-in voting you must be: 65 or older, disabled, out of the country or state during the voting period, or incarcerated but otherwise eligible. Coronavirus-related issues include underlying medical conditions of oneself or a family member(s).

Although Texas voters require an excuse for a mail-in ballot, not every state has the same rules.

According to The New York Times, in 34 states, mail-in voting can be requested by anyone. These states include Florida, Oklahoma, Alabama, and many more. In nine states, registered voters will automatically receive a mail-in ballot in the mail and be eligible.

It is estimated that because more than three-quarters of Americans are eligible for mail-in voting, over 80 million ballots will arrive at the election offices this year.

The 2020 election is going to look different, not only because of the Coronavirus pandemic, but also because mail-in voting varies between states. Voting in the presidential election has always been very important, but this year might make it easier than ever.