Hispanic Heritage Month: The Month Ends, The Culture Continues

Even though Hispanic Heritage Month has come to an end, the Hispanic culture is a culture worth celebrating 365 days a year.

By Delaney Marrs, Online Editor, Staff Writer

From papel picado to the stories rocks tell, from September 15th to October 15th The Wrangler has explored Mexico and Argentina, Central America and Venezuela. 

We mourn that we were only able to explore so little. 

‘Hispanic culture’ is a label too broad to define. Each country, region, and town in the Spanish speaking world has its own unique tastes and traditions. 

Central and South America were founded by indigenous populations from the Mayans to the Aztecs that built stunning monuments, shaped the cuisine, and set forth legends to explain places of such beauty that travelers today can think of no likelier explanation. 

Traditions such as La Semana del Estudiante in Argentina and the Venezuelan dance of El Pájaro Guarandol grew up in their small regions and have since expanded. 

However, the overarching theme seems to be one of friendliness. 

Marcella Navarro emphasizes how the people are “really friendly” in her home of Jujuy, Argentina. 

Mariana Miranda, meanwhile, says of the people of Venezuela that “Everyone is very welcoming!” 

With a Hispanic Heritage month brimming with history and excitement and a culture that welcomes you with open arms, the Spanish speaking world is one waiting to be explored no matter what time of year it is.