The 25 Guys you Meet Before you Graduate


By Martha Czernuszenko

After surviving nearly 18 years of my life , I have realized that there are  25 guys you meet in high school. Thank you for the laughs, confusion, anger, support, and of course love.

  1. The guy that asks for your number, but never texts you. Can I have my number back, if you lost it? Or worse, he texts you out of the blue. And by the blue, I mean 7 months later.
  2. On the contrary, the guy that texts you every hour and every day. Even after sending bland messages like “Idk” and “Cool”, he continues to text you.
  3. The arrogant guy. He knows everyone. everything and wait you think differently? You are wrong.
  4. The guy who talks to you outside of school but never inside. And vice versa. I guess I can only say hi to you when we are at work, but not in the hallway if I want a response. Okay.
  5. The self-proclaimed “nice guy”. Endless complaints about never having a date. I wonder why.
  6. The guy friend. Your go-to to text decoder, debating if it’s a date, a support system, and someone that gives you a different perspective.
  7. The guy that leads you on. He texts you for hours, and then sends “Your best friend is cute.”
  8. The guy that always asks for help with school but never anything else. I actually get paid for tutoring if you are interested….
  9. The guy that only texts you but never talks to you. The awkwardness of texting for hours last night, but not saying a word at school.
  10. The guy that starts rumors about you. I never knew we were dating….
  11. The sweet guy. The guy that never fails to make your day, and is so sweet, that aw. You can’t stop blushing in class.
  12. The guy that always texts you back. *Blares Taylor Swift’s How to Get the Girl*
  13. The guy that is too good for you. You don’t deserve him. He’s just too good. There is nothing wrong about him, your parents love him, but there is just something off.
  14. The guy that always opens the door for you. A true gentlemen.
  15. The guy that only talks to you the summer.  We were best friends over the summer, acquaintances over the first semester and strangers ever since.
  16. The guy you probably won’t ever talk to again after high school. You both know you won’t talk to each other afterwards, yet you both still waste your time.
  17. The guy you can not get off your mind. You think about him in the morning, afternoon, ugh every hour. You don’t know why he is on your mind, he simply is.
  18. The guy who pays for the dinner. Even if you are just friends, he knows it’s the a nice thing to do.
  19. Your friend’s ex. I know everything that happened, but I don’t know you.
  20. Your friend’s almost ex. An even more awkward situation.
  21. The guy that your friend is talking to, but you don’t really know him. Yet, you run into him EVERYWHERE.
  22. The guy that is really funny. He makes your ugly laugh come out.
  23. The guy that only knows you by your class rank. Number 30? Number 300? Number 3? I hope one day you will look past a number and really get to know people.
  24. The guy that always smells good. *Looks across to friend and places hand on heart*
  25. The guy that everyone thinks you are dating. No matter how many times you say no, people still don’t believe you.