J.J Watt Rebuilds Houston

Texans Superstar brings Hope to Hurricane Harvey Victims

By Jose De La Fuente, Staff Writer

Hurricane Harvey, the most destructive force to hit Texas within the last few decades, has inflicted more than 190 billion dollars in damage, according to USA Today. Even through the tough times, however, hundreds of celebrities have taken advantage of their fame for the benefit of the people of Texas.

J.J Watt, Houston Texans superstar defensive end, began his donation fund with a $100,000 donation, courtesy of himself, and a goal of $200,000. However, that goal would soon be eclipsed as Watt closed his fund September 15th with over $37 million raised.

In a thank you message written upon closing of the donation fund, Watt said, “There are not enough words to work thank you all for your generosity. If there is one thing that I have taken away from these last few weeks, it is the reassurance of how much good is out there in our world. When times are the toughest humanity stands at its strongest, and you have all helped to prove that emphatically.”

Watt, however, was not alone in raising his astounding $37 million, as he received many generous donations from big household names and brands. Charles Butt, owner of Texas famous supermarket chain, HEB, donated $5 million to Watt’s fund.

“I want to commend and support the extraordinary relief efforts of J.J. Watt who has taken the lead, not as a world‑class NFL player or celebrity, but as an individual who saw the need to help his fellow Texans and immediately took action,” Butt said.

Another notable supporter of Watt’s cause was the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon, as Fallon pledged to donate a hefty $1 million to Watt’s donation fund. America’s favorite show host announced his donation live on his show with the help of one of Houston’s Gospel choirs singing “Lean on Me”.

“We saw communities banding together. Neighbors helping neighbors. Strangers helping strangers. So many heroes — people like Mattress Mack, who opened up his stores and showrooms for those who needed shelter. The group of people who formed a human chain to save a man from a flooded SUV… And J.J. Watt from the Houston Texans, who has raised over $[37] million dollars to provide food, water, and supplies to the victims,” Fallon said.

The power of unity and dedication was truly displayed in J.J Watt’s efforts to revitalize the city of Houston. Watt, through his determination and love for the city, has brought hope and relief to hundreds of thousands of people.