5 Creepy Halloween YouTube Videos

With Halloween being just a few days away, these spooky videos will have you sleeping with the lights on!



By Kensly Landry, Staff Writer

Fall is upon us, and Halloween is fast approaching as the weather gets colder and large cob-webs begin to grace the entrance ways of houses. If you enjoy the fall season, here are some creepy interesting YouTube videos to get you into a spooky mood.

  1. 5 Horror Movies Inspired by True Terrifying Events


    In this creepy video on Top5s channel, you get to see the inspiration behind some classic horror movies. You might want to watch this one with the lights on.

  2. The Haunted Halls Of Waverly Hills Hospital


    In this episode of BuzzFeed Unsolved, they focus on the abandoned Waverly Hills Sanatorium, rumored to be haunted by the former mental patients who once lived there.

  3. 20 Greatest Horror Movies Of All Time


    Calling all horror movie fans! Check out this video to see a compilation of some of the best horror movies of all time. Some of the movies in the list include: Texas Chainsaw Massacre, You’re Next, and Get Out.

  4. 5 Real Horror Stories That Inspired ‘American Horror Story’


    If you’re a fan of the popular show American Horror Story, then this video will scare you even more than the show does! This video explores the real life criminals who inspired several characters in the show.

  5. Top 10 Most Evil Kids in History


    This is a hard one to watch, especially if you believe in the goodness of children. This chilling video features some of the worst crimes ever committed by children, all of them under 18.