Battlefield 1: Review

By Josh Manus, Staff Writer

Artilleryman Loading and firing an artillery piece.

The game is set in the later stages of World War One and is very respectful of those who gave their lives. One of the ways it does this is it gives Alms to all the sacrifices when you first load into the game. The Energetic story mode features six war stories from The Middle East to the horrific stalemate of the Western Front. It features some of the first infantry, tank charges and also features the Arditi, an elite Italian infantry unit comprised of volunteers due to their high casualty rates and high-risk missions.

The base game includes good maps however they are few and far between, what I mean by this is some maps can be predictable to a certain extent, The overall mood of the game does not paint you or the enemy as good or bad. As in real life, the First World War was a conflict of alliances no one side was evil or good. Many people closely associate Call of Duty to the Battlefield franchise, however, they are more different than you might think. Battlefield focuses on large-scale vehicular maps and Call of Duty focuses on small-scale close-quarters infantry based maps.

The game offers a new experience to gamers that would be used to playing the Call of Duty franchise. It offers the experience of being tactical and strategic. However, in some places on some of the maps, the border is too close. And what is up with the mechanic in the game that ten seconds of being out of the border you die. Other concerns are once hackers find a way to hack the console version of the game they will ruin the experience for you or your Friends. The story mode also has some issues with simple levels and laughably bad AI. The AI is so bad at its job of killing you that if you stood in front of them he would inevitability kill himself with a grenade. The levels feel like an expensive first-person remake of Mario. Furthermore, the absence of recoil absorbing modifications makes the weapon you use not all the way perfect the way you want it.

Despite these shortcomings, I would recommend this game to those gamers who are looking for a good multiplayer game. However, I would not recommend this to the gamers who are looking for a good story mode, as The Battlefield franchise has not made awful campaigns but not amazing campaigns as well. In all the game as a whole is a great game for the strategic player, however, if you’re looking for a run and gun shoot-em-up game I would suggest the Call of Duty series of games.