Miley Cyrus new album “Plastic Hearts” review

Miley Cyrus steps into a new rock era for millions to enjoy.


Miley’s album cover for “Plastic Hearts”.

By Sabrina Lara, Staff Writer

Plastics hearts was made available everywhere on streaming services on November 27, 2020. It is the seventh studio album containing 38 minutes and 15 seconds of pure brilliance, with 2 singles, 2 songs from live performances, and 11 new rocking songs.

Miley Cyrus started her career by starring in the hit Disney Channel Original show, Hannah Montana,¬†as the iconic character Miley Stewart/Hannah Montana. She has been in some controversy trying to get away from the role and form her own name and personality for herself. ¬†Some of us were very confused as a kid searching up Hannah Montana, and ending up on Cyrus’ wrecking ball music video.

Most of Cyrus’ songs have been mainly pop. However, with this new album, she ventures into a new genre of rock and roll. Which suits her voice perfectly.

After her performance at the iHeart Festival, fans went crazy over her cover of Heart Of Glass. Which was one of the first few times where new and old Miley fans got to experience her voice in a new way.

As always, Cyrus’ music always makes us feel powerful or in our feels. With the messages in Cyrus’s song, the genre of rock really shows off those messages in the best way possible. This album has a song for every mood you could have.

Some of Cyrus’ songs allude to past lovers, for example, the first song in the album, “WTF Do I Know”, she sings, “I am wrong that I moved on/ And I don’t even miss you.” Which could possibly be referencing Liam Hemsworth, who she married in 2018 but eventually divorced after a few months of marriage.

Most of the songs in the album have to do with herself, whether she’s bringing herself up or talking about her mistakes, or the environment around her. Whether it’s the toxicity in her own industry or the toxicity in her relationships, Cyrus talks about it all.

Overall, this album is truly amazing, and different from anything Cyrus has done before. After growing up in the spotlight, Cyrus has always tried to find her own way in life by doing, wearing, and saying controversial things. However, with the new rock album, I feel she has finally found her voice.

However, with that being said, we all know Miley is a free spirit. She can’t be tied down to one thing, so she might not commit to the new sounds. We can only hope for the future and listen to “Plastic Hearts” on repeat.

You can listen to Miley’s new album anywhere you can stream music and will be available in store soon. Perfect for the upcoming holidays.