New Modern Richmond Target

The new modern look to all of the future Target’s that will be built from now on.


What Target’s have looked like in the past.

By Amanda Martin, Staff Writer

Groceries. Clothing. Games. Home Decor. Dollar section. These are just a few of the things that Target sells at all of their stores across the country.

According to Houston Business Journal, the 124,000 square foot is located inside the Aliana Market Center at 10241 W. Grand Parkway South. The store’s grand opening was on November 12, 2017.

“It’s our most modern design yet,” Liz Hancock said, a spokesperson from Target to Houston Business Journal. “We’re so excited to bring this fully re-imagined store to Houston.”

This new Target as a new modern look with two different entrances. One entrance has a Starbucks with many other feature displays representing Target’s brand. The other entrance leads directly to the food market. A curbside space is also available for grocery pickup.

“We wanted to tailor the experience to what shoppers are looking for,” store manager Shannon Wolford said.

To go with the new design, different departments are separated by different types of flooring, such as concrete, carpet and patterned floors. There are also curved walkways that lead customers to the middle of the store to Houston Business Journal.

According to ABC 13 News, this brand new store is bringing more than 150 new jobs to the Houston area.

In celebration of the new Richmond Target, 6,000 dollars in grants will be given to three different local nonprofit organizations this month. Target will also host a shopping spree with the local Boys’ and Girls’ Club.

According to Chron, Target plans to remodel more than half of its 1,834 stores nationwide to incorporate elements of its Richmond store.

“Grocery is a traffic generator that drives customers on a regular basis to the store,” Ed Wulfe said to”Target is building on it with the new concept.”

Target has found retail success by designing store layouts to encourage shoppers to walk out with more items than they initially thought they would buy.