Half-Of-March: Playlist

Find out which songs I listened to the most during the first half of March.

By Daniela Hernandez, Staff Writer

Music is everywhere. I’m sure you can’t go a day without listening to a song. Every day I find good songs and I would love to share them with you. Every month I will be releasing two playlists.

*May include explicit content*

  1. Breath and Life – Audiomachine
  3. Uno Dos – Téo, Jaden Smith
  4. COPYCAT – Billie Eilish
  5. Void – The Neighbourhood
  6. If I Could Change Your Mind – HAIM
  7. Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes
  8. Icky Thump – The White Stripes
  9. Fell In Love With A Girl – The White Stripes
  10. Reptilia – The Strokes

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