Mysterious Places Around the World

There are many things out in this world, but here are some of the most mysterious places around the world.

places around the world.

places around the world.

By Hannah Escochea, staff writer

Around the world, there are hundreds of mysterious and enigmatic locations worthy of visiting or investigating. These peculiar places astound locals and tourists alike, and a deeper look into the mysteries of the earth may unlock the world’s most undiscovered secrets.


The Darvaza gas crater is a 70-meter-wide crater that has been burning perpetually for 35 years. The reason why this place is called “the door to hell” is because, in 1971, geologists were drilling for gas deposits and they surprisingly uncovered a vast subterranean cavern, which caused the ground above to collapse inward, taking with it all of their equipment and research. Since the cavern was filled with poisonous gas they decided not to delve into the crater to retrieve their lost equipment. In an attempt to contain the noxious fumes they decided to ignite the gas, hoping the hole would burn itself out in a couple of days. Unfortunately, they miscalculated the sheer magnitude of the natural-gas stores, and to this day the crater still burns, it also mysteriously attracts thousandths of spiders, they crawl all around the hole.  


 The Socotra Republic of Yemen has been described as one of the most alien-looking places on Earth, and to many people, it’s not difficult to see why. The Republic is very isolated, with a harsh, dry climate and as a result, a third of the local flora is not found anywhere else, including the famous dragon’s blood tree, a very unnatural looking, an umbrella-shaped tree which produces red sap. There are also many birds, spiders, and other animals native to the island and coral reefs surrounding it. 


Stonehenge is an ancient ring of standing stones in Wiltshire, England, just two miles west of Amesbury. This Neolithic stone circle is so entwined with the popular culture that it has become easy to forget how little is known of its original purpose or methods of construction employed in the erection of the enigmatic monument. There has been a discovery of human remains which point to an ancient burial ground, while animals could have been used for ritualistic religious sacrifice. Also, the alignment with the sunrise and sunset of the summer and winter solstice indicates some astronomic significance. Many theories abound, but there is no universal explanation. Whatever the mysterious Stonehenge was used for, it was an important site for centuries, and it continues to baffle people to this very day.


The Bermuda Triangle is infamous for the myriad legends surrounding it: lost vessels, crashed ships, lost mariners, lost aircraft, crashed aircraft, and even disappearing humans; stories involving the Bermuda Triangle have been circling for centuries. The vast area of more than half a million square miles has, over the years, acquired the sobriquet “Devil’s Triangle”, as well as thousands of theories as to why so many travelers are lost in its choppy waters. Some people say there are magnetic anomalies that throw compasses off course, others blame tropical cyclones, some say it’s aliens, and then some say there’s simply no mystery at all.


Eternal Flames Fall, USA, hop into the winding walking trails that crisscross the Chestnut Ridge Park and discover the hidden wonder of Shale Creek. This curious phenomenon is a real wonder to behold. The reason is that it manages to fuse two of the earth’s most elemental forces in one single spot. You’ll first see the beautiful falls cascading down over layers of chiseled granite rock. Then, surprisingly, flames can be seen flickering behind the cataract. The flames have never been extinguished, and scientists say the conflagration is created by the presence of the earth’s natural gas seeping from under the earth.