Halloween on a Budget

Because everyone can’t be Kim Kardashian.

By Zenobia Wiley, Copy Editor

It’s completely understood: you’re not an A-list celebrity who can just go out and spend thousands of dollars on Halloween decorations, ensuring you have the most spook-ified house on the block (at least it’s assumed that’s why you’re here).  

The National Retail Federation approximates patrons will blow a record $9.1 billion on Halloween this year, up 8.3% from 2016 which was $8.4 billion(usatoday.com). That simplifies to an investment of $86.13 per person. That’s super unnecessary, but no worries, because with a few minutes, you can learn some quick tips for saving money during the Halloween season! 

The National Retail Federation approximates patrons will blow a record $9.1 billion on Halloween this year…

1. Use items you already own- being the most obvious, we’ll start with this. From props, to makeup, pieces around your house, your very own DIY costume is probably just waiting to be discovered! (Try mom’s closet, that’s always a winner.) 

2. Don’t be afraid of the kitchen- while those pretty Pinterest pictures of Halloween food look amazing, most people don’t actually have the time,or the patience, to recreate those meals. But no fear (see what I did there)! Instead of going all out on ingredients, try some quick and easy finger-foods. For instance, in charge of treats! A bag of lollipops in bulk from Costco, plus a box of tissues and a marker, equals the cutest little ghosts. 

3. Tap into your creativity- most of us do this nowadays, but for those who are still living in the past: You don’t need a fancy container for candy! I personally will be a senior still going trick-or-treating, so instead of going out and buying an overpriced piece of plastic, why not use a pillow case (draw a face on, it becomes a ghost!) or a decorated basket lying in that closet underneath the stairs? 

4. In case you need to have your pumpkins- it’s okay. It’s a traditional part of Halloween, we get it. However, instead of going out and spending more on pumpkins from that pumpkin patch, just simply buy some at the grocery store; it’s cheaper and takes less time. 

5. Saving money in the long run- for future reference, prices go way down after Halloween ends; stock up on that candy and those costumes once the holiday is over! That way, if DIY just isn’t for you, next Halloween can be a whole different story, without blowing a bunch of money. 

Halloween is an expensive holiday, but it doesn’t have to be! Putting in some work yourself and getting creative doesn’t hurt, it’s super fun, and it pays off in the end. Think outside the box! (Or, think outside the jack-o-lantern? I’m bad at these.)