TSA competes at the State Conference and Wins


The GR TSA Leadership team: (l-r) Gabe Ethridge, Zach Carlino, James Valentine, Will Culpepper, Ryan Welty, Josh Prushing, and Andrew Phillips

The Technology Student Association State conference was held from April 24 to 27.  Forty-six outstanding George Ranch students competed in a variety of contests. Below are the results.

The TSA leadership team – Andrew Phillips, Zack Carlino, Josh Prushing, James Valentine, Will Culpepper, and Ryan Welty won the 2019 Texas Chapter Excellence Award and will be recognized at the National Conference.  This will make the sixth time that Will Culpepper and Donald Hunter Duty have gone to nationals!  They are the first students in LCISD to have accomplished this!

29 of our entries placed in the top ten”

We also had THREE students earn a spot on the Texas TSA state leadership team.  Andrew Phillips (10th grade) is the new Sargent at Arms and Hailey Nycum (10th grade) and Ryan Welty (9th grade) are on the state leadership team.

29 of our entries placed in the top 10 and 21 George Ranch students (4,000+ students were competing at this conference) will be moving on to compete at Nationals in Washington D.C. this summer.

Texas TSA State Competition – * indicates Nationals qualifiers

Project Entries:

Will Culpepper – 1st Place – 4 Electronics Projects – BEST IN STATE!!!, 2nd Place – 3D print

Eric Luckett – 2nd Place – 2 Wood projects

Kane Grant – 2nd Place – Logic Circuit

Angelica Munoz – 1st place Photo – BEST IN STATE!!!

Melford Spiff-Rufus – 2nd Place Material Testing Project

James Valentine –2nd place Photos


2nd Place*- Andrew Phillips, Cameron Krouch, Christian Denton, Zack Carlino, Will Culpepper

Board Game Design

2nd Place*- Atilla Istami, Luke Ott, James Valentine

Chapter Team

5th Place*-Andrew Phillips, Iman Zia, Caleb Hall, Ryan Welty, Hailey Nycum, Millan Misra

Computer Integrated Manufacturing

3rd Place* – Christian Denton, Andrew Lafferty, Garrett Mickelson, Ryan Welty

Engineering Design

1st Place* – Edwin Bustamante, Andrew Lafferty, Zack Carlino, Josh Prushing – STATE CHAMPIONS!!!!!!

6th Place – Gabe Ethridge, Alex Desormeaux, Francis Hebert, Drew Maramba, Cameron Pressler

Flight Endurance

3rd Place* – Iman Zia

4th Place* – Austin Prevette

Future Tech Teacher

5th Place* – Andrew Phillips

10th Place* – Rohan Chugh

Photographic Technology

3rd Place* – Kynnedi Williams

Prepared Presentation

8th Place – Annabelle Land

10th Place – Hailey Nycum

Promotional Design

10th Place – Sam Garcia


5th Place – Charlie Powell, Garrett Schlepphorst, Devon Medlin, Dora Mendez-Garza, Sam Garcia

Software Development

6th Place – Cameron Krouch, Alex Chin, Rohan Chugh, Daniel Edgmon, Garrett Schlepphorst

System Control

5th Place – Devon Medlin, Michael Brewer, Dora Mendez-Garza

Technology Bowl

3rd Place* – Austin Prevette, Garrett Mickelson, Millan Misra

Transportation Models

5th Place* – Donald Hunter Duty