UNICEF Kickoff

By Grace Elliott

UNICEF is a great way to get involved in your community. It has exciting volunteer opportunities and will help you accumulate your service hours. Senior Cassandra Compean believes that “UNICEF is a great opportunity” to help children around the world.

Mrs. Kennett, a Spanish III and IV teacher and sponsor for UNICEF, proclaimed “they have better ideas and better organization than last year”. Mrs. Kennett is “very excited” about the upcoming year for this philanthropy club.

“We have some great plans this year” says Mrs. Kennett. “We are going to have a [food] drive for Syria[n] [orphans]” and they are going to “work with Helping Hands”, explained Cassandra Compean. The club is also going to “do the regular [fundraisers]” stated Mrs. Kennett, and this includes “the strawberries for Valentine’s Day and [painting the] parking spots”.

They hold their club meetings every Tuesday morning to discuss the projects mentioned above, and Cassandra and Mrs. Kennett both “look forward” to a productive and fulfilling year.