The Benefits of Having a Part-Time Job

Having a part time job is very common among high school students. These jobs can teach students valuable lessons and morals that will benefit them in their future endeavors.


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Having a Part-time job is beneficial to high school students because it helps promote time management skills and responsibility.

By Brenna Buchanan, Staff Writer

Growing up today can be difficult and very stressful for teens. Is it better for teens to have a part-time job or should they spend their time elsewhere?

Having a part-time job is beneficial to teens because it can often teach them important life lessons. Students can learn how to manage their own finances and make smart choices regarding money. When earning their own money, many teens will open their first student checking account and maybe get a debit card.

” I wanted to get a job for the experience and so I can start saving up money. I am most excited about meeting new people and earning my own money,” Kyra Johnson, a junior, said.

Having their own money can inspire teens to be more responsible and even confident. According to CHRON, students who have part-time jobs are less likely to spend their money frivolously in the future because they learned to save and shop responsibly from a young age.

“ Having a part-time job has influenced me to learn new things, be more responsible, and be more open to others,”

— Kaitlyn Rose, junior

Having a job can also help students learn to manage their time wisely. Because students with part-time jobs must manage multiple schedules, they are more prepared for managing their time while in college.

“I feel that having a part-time job has given me more responsibility and improved my work ethic,” Lanae Bouie, a  junior, said.

According to Work Ethic, having a part-time job can also teach the valuable lesson of networking. This means students are given the chance to make connections with people that benefit their future. This could mean a good letter of recommendation from a boss or manager.

Although having a part-time job has many beneficial qualities, it isn’t always the right choice for some students. According to Family Education, having a stressful job can lead to decreased grades and mental health issues. Balancing multiple days of work with being a full-time student can be too much for some students.

Part-time jobs are often recommended to teens because the lessons taught can have long-lasting effects. Teens with part-time jobs are taught skills that help them to grow into well-rounded adults.