10 Things You Can Do to Help the Earth

As Earth Day approaches 52 years, we can see there are still things needed to be done to help our plant. Here is a list of 10 things you can do.


Eryn Rainer

Earth is a place we have to protect. As global warming and other negative effects grow, we have to find ways to keep our plant safe.

By Eryn Rainer, Staff Writer

Earth Day was first celebrated April 22, 1970. 2022 would mark 52 years of the national celebration. Earth Day became an important gateway allowing for policies such as the Clean Air Act, the Water Quality Improvement Act, the Endangered Species Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act, and the Surface Mining Control and Reclamation Act to pass.

Therefore, as Earth Day approaches, here is a list of things you can do to help your Earth.

1. Go Outside

Yes, get off the screens for a little while, turn off your TV, and go outside. Let yourself discover the goodness of the earth in real life instead of an Instagram photo.

2. Power Off

A great solution to conserving electricity is by turning off lights and appliances when not in use.

3. Garden

What a great way to give back to the planet. Gardening isn’t just to beautify your lawn, but plants also help with preventing heat islands such as by cooling the air through photosynthesis. You can also grow your own food.

4. Pick Up Trash

Make it a fun outing with your family. Pick up trash around your neighborhood, parks, or beaches.

5. Skip the Plastic

Start using reusable grocery bags instead of plastic ones. Did you know plastic straws can be deadly to marine life? It wouldn’t be bad to try out a metal straw or a paper one.

6. Recycle

Take out some time to separate recyclable products from trash.

7. Upcycling

Want to take it a step further? Try upcycling.  Upcycling differs from recycling as recycling breaks down the product into raw materials to be made into new products (usually of lower quality). Upcycling takes old products (not broken), and creates a more upscale new product.  To learn more about upcycling check out Habitat for Humanity.

8. Compost

Gather up your browns and greens and create a compost pile. The EPA’s website explains ways you can compost at home.

9. Skip the Car

Help reduce pollution. Instead of driving go on a bike ride or a walk in the park.

10. Conserve Water

Don’t leave the sink running when you’re brushing your teeth. Turn off the shower as you shampoo your hair. Have plastic water bottles with water still in them lying around? Don’t throw it away, use it to water plants.