Galentine’s Day!


Jared Hernandez

Best friends Julia Nguyen and Jordan Bradley

By Jordan Bradley, Staff Writer

Galentine’s Day – the day before Valentine’s Day when ladies can celebrate ladies.

This holiday was created but none other than the iconic Leslie Knope of the show Parks and Recreation. On this day it is best to spend it with your best gal friends. Let your best friend know how much she means to you. Dress up and get super gorgeous (you don’t even need to try) and go out with your girls and have insane amounts of fun!

Galentine’s Day is extremely fun to celebrate and I assure you it will uplift your spirit and self confidence greatly. Being surrounded by your favorite women that love and care for you can never, ever be a bad idea.

My best friend, Julia Nguyen, who is also on the newspaper staff and has written multiple articles on Parks and Recreation, (which are all absolutely incredible and you should definitely read all of them and all of her articles really because she is absolutely incredible in every single way) and I have celebrated Galentine’s Day every year together since our sophomore year.

I love her and I love the idea of Galentine’s Day. I really think it should be an official holiday.