Dear Future Pre- Calculus Students


By Kate Anderson, Staff Writer

I have learned a lot over the course of this year, both educationally and how to become a better student. I have written this letter to share some of this knowledge with you. I hope this will help you a lot because there were a lot of tiny details about Pre-Calculus Pre-AP that no one told me before I signed up for this class.

There are many ways to be successful in Pre- Calculus Pre-AP which I will outline for you in this next paragraph. At the beginning of each semester you will receive the most paper you have ever received at one time in your entire life that will be bound together with a thin ring of black plastic. This God-awful lump of paper is called your notebook. This contains everything you will learn over the course of that semester and, for the most part, all of your homework assignments that will be graded as a class. It is highly suggested you complete these notes that have videos that Coach Guidry posts on her YouTube page that will assist you whenever you come to a bump in the road. You should also do the homework assigned and not just copy it down in the class period before. The homework, most of the time, mirrors the test and will help prep you for when a test rolls around. Also, pay attention in class. Pre- Calculus Pre-AP can get a little hairy and every chance you get to further your knowledge about the topic at hand; the better your chances are of succeeding in this class. These are my main points on how to be successful in Pre- Calculus Pre-AP; do the notes, do the homework, and pay attention, because while this may seem stupid and a waste of time now, it will help you get those 105’s on all of your tests.

There is one big thing I wish someone had told me before I began Pre- Calculus Pre-AP and that is how much it preps you for what Calculus AP will be like. The entire second semester covers things you will learn in Calculus AP if you decide to take it next year. I know this seems like a dumb thing, but it really caught me off guard how difficult some of the material was getting. Basically if someone had told me that half of Pre- Calculus Pre-AP would be focused on things we would learn in Calculus AP, I would have properly prepared myself for what was to come.

If I were to go back and change something over this year it would be to study more. Pre- Calculus Pre-AP is a difficult class and certainly not one you can float through like any of your other classes. I did not put a lot of hard work and effort into this year when that was needed. If I could go back I would  apply myself much more so that I could be making those 105s on my tests and have a higher average in the class.

I hope this letter helped you and that you succeed in your Pre- Calculus Pre-AP career!


Kate Anderson