Alice in ZombieLand

By Katlynn Mckenzie , Staff Writer

Alice in ZombieLand is the first book in the white rabbit chronicles written by Gena Showalter. Ali Bell is a teenage shut in, but not by choice. Her father locked her, her mother and sister inside because he is worried something might get them.

After convincing her father to let them go out they get into a car accident killing her parents and little sister Emma. She is forced to move in with her grandparents and go to a new school. There she meets the famous bad boy Cole. She feels this connection to this boy whom she doesn’t know and has been told to stay away from. Will she head their warnings and stay away. Or ignore them and pursue the strange feelings she has for him.

Mysterious things happen with Cole and his friends and she is determined to find out what is going on. Alice in ZombieLand is a book that hooked me from the beginning. Ali Bell is a smart mouthed teenager that I can really relate to personality wise.