Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life Review

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By Alexis Grimaldo, Staff Writer

Lauren Graham and Alexis Bledel are back bringing the hilarious Rory and Lorelai Gilmore into our lives once more. With four new episodes, fans get to go ten years into the future to see what the Gilmores have been up to. The four hour and a half episodes bring back the most loved and adored characters in Stars Hollow in a much anticipated revival on Netflix called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

Now, the Gilmores are back and are as caffeine pumped as ever. Following Richard’s (Edward Herrmann) death, a Gilmore hurricane has hit the three ladies flooding the streets of Stars Hollow with their tears, and it’s not just due to the major loss in the Gilmore household.

After a high in Rory’s career, she suddenly has no idea what her next step in life will be and where it will take her. In other news, Lorelai is standing still while everyone is going on with their lives and she is as lost as ever. Emily’s (Kelly Bishop) determination to fill the hole in her life is just the icing on the cake.

Writer and creator, Amy Sherman- Palladino, did a great job capturing the effect Richard’s death has on Emily. It was everything fans expected and more. In the original series, writers make it very clear that Emily wouldn’t know what to do with herself if Richard passed away, and now that he has, Emily pretty much becomes a new person. Things that mattered to her before don’t have the same appeal and she doesn’t know what she can do to change that.

The revival not only brings back the core characters that make up this quirky town, but the main places that Rory and Lorelai go on a daily bases along with a few new places friends drag them. Each place that was brought back, though, had a significant role in the revival with the only real change being the atmosphere especially in Luke’s.

The creators and set designers did a great job capturing specific emotions in different scenes while also staying true to its original self. The lighting especially in one of the last scenes in the last episode was done perfectly, making the special scene enchanting and beautiful even though it was a little unrealistic.

Creators did a great job of balancing the new with the old keeping some traditions the same whether it’s Taylor’s persistence or Lorelai’s inability to please her mother. Some things never change, but fans loved their writing and how they acknowledged the fact that they are getting older and the world is changing the little town of Stars Hollow. Technology was one of the main ways the show displayed this change especially in Luke’s where the need to always be on an electronic device burns Luke to his very core.

Although the construction of the show was good, some of the things in the plot left fans disappointed.

Of course there’s the obvious factor of it only being four episodes; however, it is understandable why they are only four since they’re an hour and a half long, practically a movie. There were other things besides that, though.

As a fan myself, I was slightly (well, honestly, more than slightly) disappointed that we didn’t find out who Rory could end up with in the long run. There were hints of a possibility, but there was no certain-clear answer.

Also, one of the most quirky and loved character in the show, Sookie St. James played by Melissa McCarthy, was only in one episode which was a major let down. She’s mentioned in the other three episodes but doesn’t make an appearance until the very last one and it’s only for a small scene. Sookie had such a big role in the original show that it felt like the revival was missing a piece of what makes the show great.

Taylor’s musical that he wants to create about the town was something that really wasn’t necessary. It barely adds anything to the plot of the show and it wasn’t even that funny if that’s what the creators were trying to go for. The only part of the musical that seemed even remotely important was the last song performed since Lorelai really had emotional connection to that piece. If creators felt like they needed to keep that in the show, they could have cut the number of musical pieces they showed. The time it took to show these musical pieces could have given more time to something else.

Some of the things Rory does in the fourth episodes is not something people would expect from, golden girl, Rory Gilmore. In a way, it seemed very out of character. However, she has done this once in the original series which justifies this bizarre behavior coming from Rory.

Another thing that left fans devastated was the ending four words. I don’t know about other people but all I know is that I screamed, threw my phone across the room, and then screamed some more when it ended. The cliff hanger was more like a stab in the heart that left fans crippled over it. Once you get over the initial shock, things start to make a little sense and things start to connect but it’s definitely a blow to the fans since the producer will less than likely make any more episodes.

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life was good but not as great as some expected. It was nice seeing these loved characters again, but it was definitely a let down that it ended so abruptly. One thing is for sure though, if the creators decide to bring back the show, the fans will come running back ready for more Gilmore Girls.