Art at The Ranch

This 6 weeks the art department has been working on clay figures, tie dye shirts, a feather-winged mural, and vase.


The students in Art Club worked on this “Art is Awesome” banner to hang in the hallway to commemorate each students’ different art style.

By Jaclyn Rodriguez, Staff Writer

For the past six weeks, the art department has been working hard and creating new pieces.

For Art 1 students, they began working with clay, in which they create an animal’s face out of clay, carving and painting the details.

For Art 2 students, they are working on VASE (Visual Art Scholastic Event), where they submit their work in graphic design to be judged.

In Art Club, the students have begun tie dyeing their own shirts and putting a GRHS Art Club logo on them for school pictures. They have also begun working on an art piece in which they use water colors to paint a sheet of paper and cut it out in the shape of feathers to make wings.

The wings will then be placed on a wall for students to come by and take pictures to make it look as if they have wings.