Purple Eyes

The rain is coming down in buckets and I can barely see my feet stomp in the puddles.

The cold and crisp wind is kicking, trying to find its way down the back of my jacket. I am gripping my books as tight as I can, doing little to protect them from the falling water. I look across the road; I meet a pair of eyes, burning a hole into my soul. I quickly avert my gaze, feeling a burn creep onto my cheeks. I take in a deep breath and look back up only to meet the same pair of eyes.

But this time, they were on my side of the street.

I am startled for only a moment, composing myself as fast as I can. The calm sets in and I notice the eyes are a deep shade of violet. This puzzles me enough that I can feel my face contort in obvious confusion. Suddenly, the sidewalk reaches out and hooks onto my ankle, pulling me down to meet the flooding pavement. My books flew through the air like humming birds.

So much for protecting them from water damage.

I let out a huff and a groan of embarrassment, looking up through my hair to see the violet-eyed stranger rushing towards me with a shocked expression that matched my own. The person give my arms a tug, picking me up faster then I expect them to. My feet hit the ground and I begin to recover my books before they were too wet to salvage.

I count them as I pluck them from the pool of water that was rapidly forming, and only count two of my original four. I spin around on my heel and am once again staring at the violet orbs that confuse me so. I stand up completely straight and he extends his arm out with my other two books.

“Thank you,” I whisper to the mysterious man as a quiet smile finds its way to my lips.

The corners of his mouth begin to rise, only forming a small but ever so attractive smirk on his face.

He nods his head and passes me, his shoulder lightly bumping mine, then he was gone.