Wild Life


Maria Gleason

Haley Lumbert stands proudly with her bearded dragon, Puff Daddy, on her shoulder.

By Maria Gleason, Staff Writer

Haley Lumbert has had many eye-catching species of animals since she was born. Lumbert had a Fire Bellied Toad at six years old as her first pet. When she was younger she would always go outside and play with the toads and the salamander’s, ” I related more with animals than with people, and nothing has changed” explained Haley.

Lumbert’s many striking pets include a guinea pig that has cancer, a bearded dragon, two hermit crabs, an exotic northern leopard frog tadpole, four full grown fancy goldfish, a full grown parrot, two cats, and three strays that live with them. Lumbert’s most prize possession would be her orange tabby cat named Tate Tate, ” He was originally a stray that I took in and  fell in love with,” said Lumbert.

Lumbert believes that when she takes in an animal, she teaches it love and compassion. She feels like she has helped express their true selves by taking in the animal. Lumbert states that animals will never betray you like people will.