Top Five Local Coffee Spots

The best 5 coffee spots in the Greater Houston area.


Gaurang Dhingra

Joseph’s Coffee

By Gaurang Dhingra, Staff Photographer and Writer

For coffee enthusiasts, finding a good spot can sometimes be a challenge. At one point or another, certain coffee spots become routine visits, and a refreshing new location is needed. I’ve assembled a short list of coffee spots worth the visit.

1. Minuti Coffee

Minuti Coffee is a small chain originated from Italy which has a handful of locations scattered throughout Houston, as well as a location in Sugar Land. They have a large variety of caffeine beverages, as well as seasonal frozen drinks, gelato, and pastries, all for relatively decent prices. The atmosphere of Minuti is very cozy and calming. Many dim lights illuminate the seating and bar areas, and the furniture and bar display pertains to a similar classy, yet modern theme. Many students visit Minuti for study sessions, and workers or corporates personnel visit it to hold business discussions.

2. Joseph’s Coffee and Cigars

Joseph’s is a locally-owned coffee shop situated in the Old Richmond area that’s been around since 1903. On the inside, Joseph’s has a very classic, rustic interior filled with quaint, yet homey touches. They specialize in coffee, but also have gifts and furniture on display which are available for purchase. Compared to the majority of coffee shops I’ve been to, Joseph’s has excellent prices–more coffee for a lower cost. Joseph’s typically is not very crowded and is perfect for a calm afternoon with sensational coffee. Joseph’s unlike many other coffee shops, however, also closes particularly early–at around 6 P.M.

3. Agora Coffee

Agora is an eclectic coffee spot located in the heart of Montrose, near Houston’s museum district. Some unique features include its second story which is available for visitors, its abundant natural lighting, and the fact that the majority of its interior is composed of wood. The atmosphere is quite blissful, as the wood-paneled walls are adorned with sculptures and paintings of figures from Greek mythology, which reflects its Greek background. In Greek, “Agora” means “gathering place,” and an agora was typically the hub for artistic, spiritual, and athletic life in ancient Greece. Agora specializes in coffee as well as pastries and desserts but has a slightly expensive price point.

4. Allegro Coffee

Allegro Coffee is located in small sections of Whole Foods stores, the closest location is situated in Sugar Land. The coffee is excellently brewed, and has a relatively decent price point. The atmosphere features the hustle and bustle of the Whole Foods marketplace itself, filled with fresh aromas of produce aisles and elaborate setups of unique products. For Allegro itself, there’s typically a decent-sized seating area for customers to relax and chat, filled with fabric-lined wooden booths.

5. Boomtown Coffee

Boomtown Coffee is a comfy, modern spot for coffee enthusiasts, and it’s located in the Heights area of Houston. The walls of Boomtown Coffee are lined with various pieces of abstract art created through the use of bright acrylic paint. The menu is untraditional in the sense that instead of outright stating the name of the coffee, such as a “Hot Latte”, it assigns a quirky title to it, such as “Tortoiseshell,” and lists the type of coffee along with additional ingredients which are added in. The price point is excellent, and the atmosphere is packed with comfy touches perfect for relaxation and a nice discussion.