Changing With the Year

A new year calls for new changes.

By Gaurang Dhingra, Staff Writer

As every year draws to a close, it’s become a tradition for most people to adopt a New Year’s resolution–sometimes even multiple–in order to either better themselves or accomplish personal goals which they’ve never gotten around to.

Many students and some staff members at George Ranch shared their New Year’s resolutions for 2018 with The Wrangler.

Of the students questioned, some had resolutions related to fitness:

David Grubbs, a senior, said “My New Year’s resolution is to gain weight,” while Kiana Barragan, another senior, stated, “My resolution is to lose weight.”

Tayler Jasek, a senior, stated, “My resolution is to stop procrastinating in school, and to run twice a week to get better at soccer.”

Many other students had school-related resolutions as well:

Jake Berry, a junior in tennis, stated, “I’d like to raise my GPA.”

Similarly, two freshmen, Ali Nguyen and Iris Ngo stated they would like to “Get all A’s” and “Get good grades,” respectively.

Thomas Thaxton, a senior in tennis, said, “My resolution is to study for tests more often and start doing my homework at home.”

Aidan Lyons, a senior in swim stated, “I’d like to improve my Calculus grade next semester.”

A couple of students told The Wrangler their financial resolutions:

Daniela Hernandez, a sophomore on the newspaper staff said, “I would like to get a higher-paying job.”

Aamaya Khan, a junior stated, “A resolution of mine is to manage my finances more effectively.”

Some students had college-oriented goals:

Caleb Fojtik, a senior  said, “My resolution is to get into the University of Houston’s main campus.”

Adam Czernuszenko, a senior stated, “My new year’s resolution is to find out what I want to major in.”

A few others had resolutions that were hobby-related or pertained to a general attitude to approach the New Year:

Mrs. Dunn, a history teacher said, “I haven’t been reading as much lately. A resolution of mine would be to read more books this year.”

Patrick Gehle, a senior, said, “My resolution is simply to have a good year.”

Regardless of what it pertains to, it’s always good to have a New Year’s resolution, as it often leads to an increase in motivation to achieve a goal or a state of mind. Without a resolution, a new year can seem daunting and may seem to lack in potential. It can never hurt to have one.